Rules To Play Online Keno

Keno is very easy to learn and not at all complicated. It is also probably the most relaxing Casino Game in the web. Just browse through this page and spend some time getting to know the basic online keno rules. Soon, you will be logging to an online casino and playing keno with confidence.

Keno is a game of chance. The rules for online Keno are a combination of Bingo and the lottery rules. You will see the keno board has 80 numbers. You can pick from 1-15 numbers. If you wish to de-select a number, just click on it again. The selected numbers are also called “spots”.

After you've decided on the numbers you wish to play, it's time to choose your bet. You’ll see your potential payoff after clicking on the appropriate button. When a your number matches a number chosen at random, it's called a "Hit.

Just bear in mind the following points when playing Keno:

1. The amount of coins wagers will mean the payouts would have increased.

2. The more numbers you pick the less you will receive for a small amount of numbers

3. With the different amount of numbers picks changes the payout, make sure you keep and eye on the payout table.

Even though the rules to play online Keno are not that complicated, you should make sure you read through them. We hope that the information you have found on this page is beneficial for you. Good luck playing Online Keno!