The Different Online Keno Tickets

You will come across several types of online keno tickets that one can play at. When you are buying keno tickets, you will come across the following different online keno tickets to choose from.

1. Straight Tickets: Some online casinos allow you to bet on as many as 40 spots on a straight ticket and the minimum bet is generally $1.

2. Split Tickets: Here, you can play two or more games on one Keno Card with this ticket.

3. Way Tickets: This Keno ticket online gives you the opportunity to bet on several groups of numbers in one Keno Card.

4. King Tickets: It is a variation on Way Tickets. Selecting one or more numbers as "King numbers", the groups are still circled as groups.

5. Combination Tickets: Here you can combine groups of straight bets on one ticket in different ways.

We are sure that knowing the different keno tickets online will help you enjoy the game to the maximum.