Online Keno vs. Land-Based Keno

It’s well known that common keno game gave birth to the online keno. But today, internet keno has certainly marched ahead both in popularity and prevalence. The reasons are obvious and clear.

The online keno offers the players both the excitement of the game and its rapid pace. Today, you will find internet keno casinos flooded with players from all over the world. Extending its influence all over the world, online keno knows no boundaries.

Well, if one has both time and money, one can surely go for a land-based keno game. Who has the time to take some days off, travel to your favorite land-based keno casino and pay for food while you are playing? All this expense when you can play Keno from within the comforts of your home at the click of your mouse. Leading a very busy life and with a shortage of time and of course the cost factor, are some of the reasons people throng the online keno casinos from wherever and whenever.

Online keno gives you the complete freedom to play from whenever you want and whenever you want, without any extra expenses of food, travel and other costs. In our busy and fast paced life, this is sure a very welcome deal.Plus, there is a big difference between the house edge at the land based keno casino and the internet keno casino. For internet keno, the house edge is between 8-12% whereas it is 25-30% in the other case. Hence you get more chances to win while playing at online keno casino.

Only at the internet keno casinos do you get the luxury to play Keno purely for fun and free. One can play as many free games for practice before going for the real money games. You get the most out of your playing time while building up your experience and confidence. You end up having more opportunities to win.

Playing at an internet keno site removes any undesirable disturbances, such as noise and offers of alcoholic beverages, which are a common scene at the land based keno casinos. One can certainly focus and concentrate better while playing keno online.

Another aspect that has made online Keno so popular is that it is fast, easy and exciting unlike the land based keno where the game can be slow. One simply places their bet, pick their numbers and click Play, all in less than a minute. Moreover, when you win at an online keno casino, your winnings are added to your real money casino account immediately. It is unlike the land based keno casino where you have to go to the booth to claim your winnings.